I set my expectations high

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Fefe · 20 · Swedish · Female
Artist · Gamer · Part-time Cosplayer

This blog will mainly contain;
>> My own art and sketches · Personal thoughts · My own (shitty) photos <<
BJDs · Cute stuff · Other people's amazing art · Other people's amazing photos
Art-tutorials · Fashion · Foodporn · Tattoos · And probably some other stuff

Other things I like;
Metro 2033 · The Legend of Zelda · Game of Thrones · BBC Sherlock · Hunger games · Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit · Guild Wars 2

Have a nice day and enjoy your stay! uvu
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oki guys i am in really really really deep shit righ now and i would be beyond grateful of you could just reblog this if nothing else. →


i am so sorry for filling your dash with whining and my problems but i need to make this post.

there is a possibility that i will be without money this month and two months after that, and maybe even longer…
all this because the school have made some huge mistakes involving my…

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A long time ago, she remembered her father saying that when the cold winds blow, the lone wolf dies and the pack survives. He had it all backwards.

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New soft & splashy set “No Floozies in the Jacuzzi” by my lovely Skeleton Key Photography - See the full set here (any support is super appreciated <3).

I know it’s a lot of teasers (not that you’re complaining :P) but the full set is 53 pictures and I liked too many to make up my mind on which to use as a preview, haha, so lots! Yay!!

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